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We’re Kim and Del Hogg, a Scottish couple with an incurable case of itchy feet. We’ve been travelling and living abroad for the best part of our adult lives, and don’t plan on stopping any time soon.

I (Kim) donned my first backpack at 17. Del’s been along for the ride since we met in 2007, when he started saying ‘Yes’ to every idea I threw his way.

Over a decade later, we figured it’s about time to put all our knowledge, experience, advice and stories to good use. So here you have it…

Welcome to Going the Whole Hogg!

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A magenta tuk tuk carries passengers on the road past the ruined walls in front of Wat Mahatat in Ayutthaya, Thailand
An intricately arranged motorbike repair shop in Dadaocheng, Taipei, Taiwan
A bowl of delicious Khao Soi, one of the most famous Lanna Cuisine dishes

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