Spending your hard-earned savings on something you hope to never use might seem counter-intuitive, but a comprehensive Travel Insurance policy is just as essential for your travels as that backpack, camera and passport.

And just as important as arranging your cover in the first place, is knowing what to do if something goes wrong. Nobody wants to have a claim rejected or be stuck without cover. So, we’ve put together some essential tips, hints and pointers in our post, 9 Things to Know About Travel Insurance. We want to ensure you’re clued up and policy savvy. Check it out below.

Things You Should Know About Travel Insurance: Trekking to Annapurna Base Camp in the snow, Nepal

Everyone’s trip is unique. The specifics of what you need cover for will vary depending on where you’re going and how long for. Also important are the activities you’ll be getting up to and the gear you’re taking with you. However, there are some universal qualities to look for in a policy. These include 24/7 emergency assistance and an easy to use online claims system. Additionally, being able to purchase, amend, extend and/or upgrade your policy while already travelling is a HUGE plus. This is especially true if you are travelling for more than just a couple of weeks.

Like thousands of other travellers out there, our choice of travel insurance provider is World Nomads. We love them because they cover a massive amount of adventure activities and allow us to purchase/extend a policy when we’re already away from home. They provide 24/7 emergency assistance and if something goes wrong, we know we can claim easily online. Could they be perfect for you too?

World Nomads can provide cover to residents of more than 140 countries. Whether you’re gearing up for your adventure or already on the road, get a quote below and get covered today!

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