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    Hi there, we’re Kim and Del Hogg, a Scottish couple with no fixed abode. We’ve been working on Going The Whole Hogg and travelling full time since 2018, learning to enjoy life at a slower pace after years of more hurried adventures.

    What draws us to a particular place or country? It’s not always the same. Sometimes it’s architecture. Other times it’s food, or more broadly, the culture and personality of a place. Most often, it’s mountains and the prospect of outdoor adventure.

    This blog largely reflects those interests, with a primary focus on creating in-depth travel guides accompanied by carefully crafted photography and video. If you’re here researching a destination, we aim to give you what you need to make your next adventure happen. And if you’re simply browsing? Perhaps we can spark an interest in somewhere different, something new.

    For now, you can find us in Scotland.

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    Featured image for the Everest Base Camp trek guide, featuring a trekker walking on a rocky trail with mountain peaks in the distance
    With Ama Dablam as a backdrop, a trekker and guide stop to enjoy the views while doing the Nangkartshang acclimatisation hike on the Everest Three Passes trek
    A hiker and guide cross a flat, rocky section before Kongma La on the Everest Three Passes trek, with the snowy ridgeline to the east visible behind




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    A trekker and guide climbing the snow covered slope towards Laurebina Pass (4650 m), with the blue surface of Gosainkunda shining in the morning sun below
    Snow covered guesthouses reflected in the bright blue waters of Gosainkunda
    Tall ship Bessie Ellen under sail off the coast of Jura in the Inner Hebrides of Scotland
    Trekkers enjoying mountain views and a well earned rest atop Kyanjin Ri (4586 m) in the Langtang Valley
    Snowy mountain view with colourful prayer flags in the foreground, seen from the first Kyanjin Ri viewpoint (4300 m) on the Langtang Valley trek
    Golden sunrise light hits the wall of the Omani Grand Canyon below Jebel Shams. A 4WD and tent sits on the rim of the canyon.
    A person in a long mustard coloured coat and black hat looking out towards the sea from a viewpoint above Loch Skipport on South Uist, with the Isle of Skye seen faintly on the horizon
    A yacht in the bay at Vatersay with pastel sunset skies and the silhouette of the Isle of Rum in the background
    One of the two famous stacks of St Kilda, Stac Lee rises from the sea as birds swarm around and the tourist boat MV Cuma offloads kayakers below
    A hiker trekking in Georgia, descending the rocky shale slope from Atsunta pass and heading towards the green valleys of Tusheti below
    A walker on the old military road among the dramatic mountain scenery of the Lairigmor, a real highlight of the West Highland Way
    A scene of the mountains and lakes of the Geghama Range in Armenia
    A view of Buachaille Etive Mor on the West Highland Way
    A tent set up with expansive views of the surrounding hills near Ba Bridge on Rannoch Moor, this hiker found the perfect spot while camping the West Highland Way
    A hiker stands reflected in Udziro Lake, looking at the distant peak Shkhara
    A white horse grazing on the grassy slopes of Borjomi-Kharagauli National Park
    Two hikers traverse the grassy ridge on Day 2 of the Panorama Trail
    A view of Tetnuldi peak from Latpari Pass on the Ushguli to Chvelpi hike
    The twin peaks of Ushba and Chatyn-Tau, seen from the trail on Day 2 of the Mestia to Ushguli trek in Svaneti, Georgia
    A hiker on the steep final approach to Gul Pass, on the Chuberi to Mestia section of the Transcaucasian Trail in Svaneti
    Mountains reflected in Kelitsadi Lake on a still morning
    Two hikers and a dog rest on a rock in front of an unnamed lake on the Black Rock Lake trek
    A hiker climbs the shale switchback trail to Atsunta Pass on the Shatili Omalo trek, with the layered mountains of Khevsureti behind
    A hiker descends the switchback ridgeline trail from Chaukhi Pass to Abudelauri Lakes on the Juta to Roshka trek in Georgia
    Snow capped Mt. Kazbek shining bright at sunrise, as seen from the town of Kazbegi (Stepantsminda) in northern Georgia
    The settlement of Abano in Truso Valley, with the old monastery on the right and Zakagori Fortress seen behind
    One of the best views of Gergeti Trinity Church, seen from the hiking trail to Gergeti Glacier and Mt. Kazbek
    Hikers descend from the viewpoint at Kojori Fortress in Georgia
    A person walks beneath the huge dusty sky looking at the seemingly endless hazy view at Takhti-Tepha Mud Volcanoes in the Vashlovani Protected Area
    A narrow trekking trail in Upper Mustang stretching off into the distance amidst some bizarre rock formations, with the snowy peak of Dhaulagiri in the background
    Trekkers on a trail approaching a round orange rock formation with a plateau stretched out into the distance in Upper Mustang
    A 4x4 vehicle drives towards the Western Hajar Mountains on a 1 month Oman road trip.
    Sunrise hitting the Annapurna Mountains in Nepal
    Trekkers look out while descending from the Larke Pass on the Manaslu Circuit Trek
    A house front in the village of Karakul in Tajikistan, shining in the early morning sun.
    A orange, yellow and pink sunrise rises over Wadi Bih in the mountains of Musandam, Oman
    A catamaran sails on the calm water at sunset off the south coast of Jeju Island
    A female Olle Trail hiker standing by a Hallabong mosaic mural, looking out to sea on Jeju Island
    Yurts lined up at Tulparkul, in the shadow of Peak Lenin
    Two small kids wandering the wide dusty streets of Karakul in northern Tajikistan
    Looking out from wat Pha Lat over Chiang Mai, reflected in the still water and surrounded by lush green vegetation
    Peanmeanach Bothy on the Ardnish Peninsula in February
    Pinks and yellows light the sky at sunrise in the mountains of Musandam. The flat area shows our campsite where the tent and our Toyota Fortuner gleam in the morning light.
    The mirror-like blue surface of Khor Najd stretches into the distance, framed by sandy mountains and cliffs
    Sunrise reflections on the mirror-like surface of Alauddin Lake in the Fann Mountains of Tajikistan.
    The Essential Guide to Visiting the Tsaatan Reindeer Herders, Mongolia
    Budget Gobi Tour: Sunset over the Khongor sand dunes, the Gobi, Mongolia
    A Week On The Olle: Jeju Olle Video
    Hiking Hallasan: South Korea's Highest Peak
    Yokjido A Korean Island Guide
    Bijindo: Two local women protected from the hot sun walk in front of a sashimi shack
    Looking towards one of Saryangdo Island's suspension bridges from the ridge hiking trail, with the road bridge and surrounding islands in the distance, South Korea


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    Essential Things to Pack for Travelling - Standing on a hill, looking out over Jeju, south Korea
    How To Find The Best Value Flights: A small plane lands on Barra Beach
    9 Backpacking Gamechangers To Pack For Your Next Trip
    Things You Should Know About Travel Insurance: Trekking to Annapurna Base Camp in the snow, Nepal
    Essential Things to Pack for Travelling - Standing on a hill, looking out over Jeju, south Korea



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