A small country with a small population, Georgia punches above its weight in almost every category. From dramatic landscapes and captivating nature to hearty food and unique viniculture, it offers much to the curious and open minded traveller. And underpinning it all are welcoming people and a deeply ingrained culture of hospitality.

Georgia’s long history makes it a fascinating prospect for anyone with wide ranging historical interests. Whether it’s the medieval clan towers of the mountain regions, the painted monasteries of David Gareja, or the countless examples of Soviet-era monumental art, the country has historical treasures for all tastes.

Perhaps one of the most interesting features of Georgia’s history is its wine. With evidence of winemaking going back 8000 years, it is believed to be the oldest wine producing country in the world. What’s more, Georgia’s unique method of fermentation, the process taking place underground in clay amphora (qvevri), was added to the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage list in 2013. Today, the country’s wine making traditions grow ever stronger in the hands of a new generation of artisan winemakers.

Georgia is also very much a four seasons country. In colder months, snow covered mountains provide ample opportunities for winter sports, and in summer, the melting snow leaves behind an extensive network of world class multi-day hikes in the Greater and Lesser Caucasus. Summer is also when the Black Sea coast comes into its own, with a host of popular resort areas centred around the country’s second city, Batumi. And either side of summer, Georgia is beautiful with wildflowers overrunning hillsides in Spring, and trees overflowing with red, orange and yellow in Autumn. These two seasons are also best for sightseeing in the capital Tbilisi and elsewhere in the lowlands.

To top it all off, travelling within Georgia doesn’t break the bank. From food and drink to transport and accommodation, it is a budget friendly country. Not the cheapest to be sure, but considerably less expensive than most European countries.

In short, Georgia is an easy country to spend time in. If you’re planning a brief visit, it will leave you wanting more. And if you’re thinking about a longer stay, we guarantee boredom will not be an issue.


Two hikers and a dog rest on a rock in front of an unnamed lake on the Black Rock Lake trek
A hiker climbs the shale switchback trail to Atsunta Pass on the Shatili Omalo trek, with the layered mountains of Khevsureti behind
A hiker descends the switchback ridgeline trail from Chaukhi Pass to Abudelauri Lakes on the Juta to Roshka trek in Georgia
Snow capped Mt. Kazbek shining bright at sunrise, as seen from the town of Kazbegi (Stepantsminda) in northern Georgia
The settlement of Abano in Truso Valley, with the old monastery on the right and Zakagori Fortress seen behind
A hiker on the steep final approach to Gul Pass, on the Chuberi to Mestia section of the Transcaucasian Trail in Svaneti
Mountains reflected in Kelitsadi Lake on a still morning
Two hikers and a dog rest on a rock in front of an unnamed lake on the Black Rock Lake trek