There’s always a tale to tell

  From meeting intriguing people and exploring fascinating places, to the times when it all goes wrong, travel always gives us a tale to tell. Our experiences continually grow, memories piling up like stacks of old books. And in that pile of books, lies the germ for many a good story. The best travel tales are true and honest portrayals, full of colour and depth; it’s these qualities we’ll try to bring to every account we give, and every story we tell. Our Hogg Tales are home to these stories, anecdotes and insights from a life of travel.


Veniks & Hot Pots: A Morning at Almaty's Arasan Baths
Oman Video: walking on the Sugar Dunes
A beautiful coastal scene from our Oman Road Trip Video
7 Days In The Gobi: A curious kid in small town Mongolia
A True Gobi Welcome
A Week On The Olle: Jeju Olle Video
A boldly coloured huge lantern hangs at the entrance to Longshan Temple, Taipei
Sandstorm: The tents set up on stony ground in Qinghai Province, China