• A Week On The Olle

    A Video From Jeju’s Island Walking Trail

Jeju Olle Video

‘Mama Olle’ returned from walking the Camino de Santiago inspired to create something similar on her home island of Jeju, South Korea. In September 2007 the first Olle Gil was founded, and today it’s possible to walk the entire circumference of Jeju, plus a few outlying islands, on an incredible 422 km trail.

We’d never heard of the Olle Trail until our first visit to the island in 2016. That trip was dedicated to scuba diving, but our curiosity was well and truly piqued and we returned in October 2017 to spend a week walking and free camping along the trails.

We truly loved it.

We’ve done a couple of multi-day treks in Nepal previously, but this was our first experience of walking, camping, and carrying all of our own supplies. A bit of a trial run for adventures to come you might say, testing out our new gear and documenting it all on video.

We’ll be writing more about our week on the Olle, but for now we’ll leave you to experience it for yourself with our Jeju Olle video.


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Jeju Olle Video

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A video journey along Jeju Island\'s Olle Trail, South Korea. The Olle Trail is a 422 km network of walking trails encircling the island. If you enjoy slowing down, this is one of the best things to do in Jeju Island. For one day or a whole month, it\'s the perfect way to explore the island\'s stunning beaches, volcanoes, dense forests, traditional villages & relaxed pace of life. | Camping Korea | Hiking Korea | East Asia Travel | Long Distance Walking #hiking #travelvideo