Sagye Beach sunrise Jeju Olle Trail Route 10

Photography has always been central to our travels.

In the early days, we carted around multiple cameras and endless packs of Polaroid, medium format and 35mm film. These days our gear looks a little different but our passion for photography is the same as ever.

Really great photography is a powerful thing.

There’s something about a still image that really captures the imagination. A picture can be read in so many ways. We have time to study and appreciate it, with one person’s interpretation differing from the next. A photograph has a longevity that the moment itself never had. Capturing those moments is what motivates us to keep exploring, shooting and developing our skills.

Our photography features heavily in all of our blog posts, but here you’ll find our dedicated photography articles and photography related posts.

If you see anything you like, all our photos are available for sale. We can also take on specific photography projects to suit your needs. Just get in touch at hello[@]goingthewholehogg[dot]com


Del, wearing the Wandrd Prvke backpack filled with travel photography and videography gear, is controlling a drone on an overcast morning at the Quiraing on the Isle of Skye
A person stands in front of a waterfall wearing the all-new Wandrd Prvke 31