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Taiwan surprised us.

Going there with the most minimal of preparation, a last minute decision, our expectations weren’t set overly high. Sometimes though, that’s for the best. A place has the chance to charm you in a way not possible if you’ve spent months planning your itinerary, and charm us Taiwan certainly did.

From the winding old streets of Jiufen to the festival atmosphere of the Sky Lanterns at Shifen and Pingxi, our day trip from Taipei was a delight, full of lasting memories.

Taipei itself attracted us from the moment we arrived, stepping out of the Metro late on a balmy Lunar New Year’s Eve. This multifaceted city proved to be the perfect blend of old and new: aged and ornate temples, streets full of characterful facades, modern skyscrapers, atmospheric night markets bursting at the seams and filled with an endless variety of intensely flavourful food, hiking trails, and a city sunset view of stunning quality. Taipei worked its magic on us. It continues to exert a strong pull on us to this day, and is often in our thoughts.

After just three days we left the country wanting more, and images of Taiwan rise quickly and easily to mind. From the glimpses we’d had of the lush countryside around Taipei to the character of the city itself, this island nation went from a place of peripheral interest to one we’d go back to in a shot. 

For now, here are some of our favourite photos from one of our new favourite countries.

Images of Taiwan: A Photography Gallery. The perfect blend of old and new, Taiwan is a seriously underrated Asian destination. Take a peek at what's on offer... #Taiwan #TravelPhotography via @goingthewholehogg
Images of Taiwan: A Photography Gallery. Seamlessly blending tradition and modernity, Taiwan is a fascinating country to travel around. Get a glimpse into Taiwanese culture, food, and daily lives in this Taiwan photography gallery. #Taiwan #TravelPhotography

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