• U S A

Del and I have both travelled to the USA, but never together.

My first trip outside of Europe was a family holiday to Florida as a kid. That was followed by a road trip around California, Arizona and Nevada as a teenager. Del spent a (hazy) week in Boston and Vermont with a few friends back in 2009. He had plenty of stories to tell, but not a single photograph to show for it.

These photos are all from a trip to California during my travel agent days, a ‘fam trip’ organised by Visit California. I got to return to San Francisco, a city I had loved as a teenage tourist, and explore the wild northern coastline plus a few lesser known gems. A second trip to LA left a much better impression than the first time round.

We hope to visit the States together sometime soon. Top of our list? The many stunning National Parks and an overdue catch up with friends.

– Kim